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"New Track · New future" Beijing Wenli brought a number of core technology products to the China (West) Hydrogen Energy Conference
Wenli 2023-09-14 18:54 Posted in Beijing

On September 13, 2023, the China (West) Hydrogen Energy Conference hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Yulin Municipal People's Government was held in Yulin Municipal Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Hydrogen energy · New track, Low carbon · New future", the conference focused on the sustainable development of hydrogen energy technology, and fully discussed and shared technology application on key, hot and difficult issues such as opportunities and challenges faced by the hydrogen energy industry.


This conference relies on Shaanxi's strong layout advantages in the upstream hydrogen production end, midstream storage and transportation end, downstream hydrogenation and application end, and builds an efficient and high-quality display and exchange platform for the hydrogen energy industry that integrates the functions of "brand display, technical exchange, trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, and international discussion". Many new products are debuted, and big experts gather in Yulin. Exploring new track and new future of hydrogen energy industry.

China (West) Hydrogen Energy Industry Technology and Equipment Exhibition as an important part of China (West) Hydrogen Energy Conference, this exhibition uses three pavilions H2, H3, H4, the exhibition scale of about 15,000 square meters, the exhibition site gathered more than 170 domestic and foreign hydrogen energy industry chain enterprises, The exhibition covers the technical equipment, new products and technologies of the whole hydrogen fuel cell industry chain, as well as the application and innovative practice of hydrogen energy in the fields of transportation, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy and construction.


In the core technology exhibition area H2 Hall, Beijing Wenli exhibited a number of core technology products such as commercial vehicle fuel cell system "Tuo" 120+, oil-free centrifugal air compressor "LAN" 280, ultra-high speed motor controller "Yu" 40, hydrogen ejector and gas-water separator, attracting many industry colleagues and visitors to stop and visit. Fully understand the advantages of Beijing Wenli's self-developed and homemade technology in the field of fuel cells.

Beijing Wenli commercial vehicle fuel cell system "Tuo" 120+, with its high standard system development and high appearance level of appearance of the appearance of the eye, by many exhibitors attention and praise. The system has passed the national strong inspection, using high power density ultra-thin graphite plate reactor, self-developed a number of core components, compact structure, volume power density of 520W/L, mass power density of 603W/kg, with greater output power, higher efficiency, longer service life and other excellent comprehensive performance. It is suitable for heavy commercial vehicles and heavy construction machinery vehicles of 18 tons and above.

In 2022, the 49 tons hydrogen energy heavy truck equipped with the commercial vehicle fuel cell system passed the National Testing Center's vehicle product finalize inspection and completed the new product access of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, marking another solid step in the process of promoting the commercial development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and the test verified that the system can meet the low temperature -30℃ fast start. To achieve stable performance output of the high altitude system, it can meet the working conditions and actual market needs in the field of heavy trucks such as "large load, long endurance, high speed, and good economic benefits throughout the life cycle" under various working conditions.


With the development and progress of technology and increasingly inclined policies, the development and utilization of hydrogen energy will enter a substantial stage of development. In recent years, hydrogen energy technology has been continuously broken through and improved, the industrial scale has continued to improve, and the application of hydrogen energy has gradually extended to industry, construction, transportation and other fields. At present, with the increasing development and progress of the domestic hydrogen energy industry, Shaanxi has opened up a new energy track relying on the development of the hydrogen energy industry. In order to further expand the application scenario of hydrogen energy, Shaanxi vigorously promote hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks, new buses, sightseeing vehicles and other hydrogen energy models, hydrogen fuel cell transport road scenes have begun to roll out, while based on hydrogen energy heavy truck technology and patents have become increasingly mature in China, the development of hydrogen energy ushered in new market opportunities.

By promoting enterprise exchanges and technological achievements in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, this conference will promote win-win cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the hydrogen energy industry chain, help the implementation of China's "dual carbon" strategy, and open a new situation in the development of domestic hydrogen energy.


With the R&D strength of independent innovation, Beijing Wenli has been applying cutting-edge technology exploration to fuel cell systems such as commercial vehicles and forklifts and distributed integrated energy systems. In the future, Beijing Wenli will continue to deepen the field of hydrogen energy, accelerate research and development technology innovation in the new track of hydrogen energy, and work with all hydrogen colleagues to promote the healthy and sustainable development of hydrogen energy industry. To help realize a new green future of low-carbon energy transformation.